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Find discrete file and image formats with the HTML - RTF Converter

With cutting-edge digital advancements, in these times, the end-users are privileged with scores of easy-to-use conversion software that delivers synchronized and quicker functions. Amongst such software offering streamlined transfer of vital files, the HTML - RTF Converter offered by Sub Systems is the worthiest one, as the RTF format is compatible with multiple applications. In this context, the rich text format is quite viable in functions and extensively used throughout discrete verticals and several programs.

What Distinct Attributes Are Offered By The HTML To RTF Converting Software?

One of the most prominent benefits delivered by the HTML to RTF software is its trustworthiness, in which case the users never need any third-party software or application to use the converter. This unique converter delivers a stress-free simple process of file conversions with its feature-packed formats that help to bring forth more worth to the digitally sent documents.

The discrete file formats supported by the converter are.DOCX, .DOC, .XLS, .XLSX, and HTML, along with several image formats of JPEG, EMF, WMF, PNG, GIF, and more. Moreover, such a converter also supports graphical illustrations, whereupon it also effortlessly helps to interrelated and text-nested images. Thus, such one-of-a-kind HTML to RTF software exclusively assists to upload the files digitally, without any hiccups. Additionally, the converting software also facilitates the operators with allied functions of headers, footers, Unicode support, line spacing, floating image options, and CSS support.

It also supports nested tables, right-to-left texting, and list typesetting, along with the paper size and orientation. Having such discrete support functions, it is as simple as it seems for the operators to convert multiple files all at once, without any hassles. In this context, the end-users can use the click menu for simpler file transfer, while sharing them with the clients ready. Thus, using such economical converting software that is interpretable across several platforms, entailing the major word processing applications, justifies its worth.


Let’s find out prime rationales to use the rich text formats:

The exclusive rich text editor format helps in simpler file conversion between assorted file extensions. As the RTF format is synced up with the Windows platform, it helps to share vital documents with suitable file extensions. It is to be noted that HTML utilizes a unique format that is commonly linked with web pages. Moreover, it also applies appropriate markup languages, in which case the text editors help to modify the files with identical extensions, as they are regular word processors.

Sometimes, this can result in inaccuracies that can be averted by the one-of-a-kind converting software of HTML to RTF. Likewise, the RTF editor component also supports generating files in a specific application, consequently transforming the same document into a distinct operating platform. In addition, such RTF file extensions can be conveniently perceived across common data processing platforms, entailing the prominent ones of Windows, Mac, and UNIX.

Again, when the operators require saving the RTF extension document, they can readily do so with the Save As an option, thereafter selecting RTF. In this context, the users can quickly print the text in a Word file, and save it with the .rtf extension, and sent it to the clients. Vitally, using such RTF formats, the end-users can save their precious time in composing the selection preference for underlined expressions, text clippings, and color and font options, particularly for website designers owing to their easiness to use.

The Takeaway

Delivering 35-plus years of trailblazing experience in furnishing the finest software, Sub Systems proves to be the most authentic platform to buy the HTML - RTF Converter. This user-friendly converting software comes with a potent RTF parser used by the TE Edit Control, along with the safe HTML parser applied via the HTML add-on additional product. Thus, by syncing up the efficiency of the above two products, the RTF application delivers feature-enriched, feasible, and reliable converting software.