TE Edit Control

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Rich Text Editor Component dll/library for cloud, NET, WinForm, ASP .NET, C, C++, C#, Win32
Win64, ActiveX, Jave, Applet, ASP, Visual Basic, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT, VB6, MFC, Delphi, Powerbuilder, Foxpro.

TE Edit Control component is a full featured Rich Text Editor component for rendering and editing the RTF text. This library allows your application to incorporate extensive set of text editing features:

Character formatting features

  • Fonts and Character styles including bold, underline, italic, underline, double underline, superscript, subscript, strikethrough, double strikethrough, double strike-through, caps, small-caps.
  • Text color, background color, highlight color and underline color.
  • Character stylesheet selection.
  • Horizontal character spacing and horizontal character scaling.
  • Vertical text.
  • Hidden text in the RTF file.
  • Boxed characters.
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left text flow.

Paragraph formatting features

  • Paragraph centering, right justification, and full justification.
  • Double spacing, paragraph space before and after.
  • Left indentation, right indentation and hanging indentation.
  • Paragraph keep-together and keep-with-next.
  • Widow-orphan control.
  • Paragraph shading and paragraph background color.
  • Paragraph borders.
  • Paragraph styles.
  • Multilevel bullet/numbering.
  • Tab support- left, right, center and decimal.
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left text flow.

Bullet and numbered lists

  • Single level and multilevel lists.
  • Customization of the bullet symbol and the list number format.
  • Simple or compound list number format for the nested lists.
  • Integration of the paragraph lists and the list-number RTF field.
  • Comprehensive support for MSWord list numbering feature.
  • Please click here for simple examples.

Table Support

  • Static and positionable tables.
  • Nested tables.
  • Cell shading and cell background colors.
  • Cell and table outline borders with colors and variable thickness.
  • Horizontal and vertical merging of cells.
  • Cell splitting- horizontal and vertical.
  • Table alignment- left, right or center.
  • Vertical alignment of the text within the cell.
  • Vertical text flow within the cell.
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left cell placement.
  • Row height control- auto, minimum or exact.
  • Repeating header rows.
  • Row keep-together and keep-with-next support.

Picture and shape support

  • Static and positionable pictures and shapes.
  • Positionable text boxes and drawing objects.
  • Text flow around the picture, shape or text-boxes.
  • Text flow from one text-box to another.
  • Background image and watermark.
  • Display the image over or below the text.
  • Transparent text editing over the picture.
  • Picture alignment relative to the base-line of the text.

Mail-merge Support

  • Support for mail-merge using RTF mail-merge fields.
  • Mail-merge using double-underline field names.
  • Mail-merge using text search-replace.
  • Please click here for more information.

User input fields

  • Text input field.
  • Check-boxes.
  • Selection combo-box fields.
  • Embedded Component.
  • Form protection mode to enable user-input into the input fields.

Hyperlink field

  • Internal and external hyperlinks.
  • Page reference fields.

Table of content

  • Automatic table-of-content using heading styles or outline styles.
  • Multiple table-of-content fields.

Page header/footer

  • Regular page header/footer.
  • First page header/footer.
  • Even page header/footer.
  • Odd page header/footer.

Additional page properties

  • Multiple page sizes, orientation and tray-selection within the same document.
  • Page numbering: continuous or restart at the section level
  • Page borders.
  • Optional line numbering at the left margin.
  • Edit text in the page-layout mode or simple text mode.


  • Track text insertion, deletion and format changes.
  • Accept or discard changes.
  • Hide change mode.
  • Supports multiple reviewers.


  • Footnote support.
  • Endnote support.
  • Placement of the endnotes at the end of the section or at the end of the document.

Section properties

  • Multiple section support.
  • Fixed or minimum top/bottom margins.
  • Page size, orientation and print-tray support at the section level.
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left cell placement.
  • Page break or page-continuation at the section break.
  • Multiple column support at the section level.
  • Page numbering- continuous or restart at the section break.

Multiple columns

  • Newspaper style multiple column support.
  • Uniform or custom column width.
  • Optional vertical line between the column.


  • Insert and position at the bookmarks.
  • Tag support.

User Comments

  • Extensive support for inserting user comments to a range of text.
  • The comments are displayed horizontally or vertically at the right margin.

Web Support

  • ASP .NET support to embed the editor in your web-page.
  • The Java version provides an Applet support.

Print and print-preview

  • Print property control.
  • Print preview inside the component window or within your application window.
  • Print without creating the component.

Foreign Language support

  • Supports Unicode.
  • Full support for Latin character set.
  • Support for the right-to-left languages such as Arabic & Hebrew.
  • Support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other East Asian languages.
  • Extensive support for the left-to-right and right-to-left text within the same paragraphs.
  • Support for inline IME.

Available Add-ons

This list does not describe all the features offered by the component. Please Click Here for more information.

Please contact us at info@subsystems.com for your specific requirement. Most likely the vast API set included with TE Edit Control component will satisfy your requirement.


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