RTF PDF Converter Software Component Testimonials


"Thank you for your rapid fix to this problem. It also fixed the original problem I spotted
in my application.
Your software has always been a great enhancement to my application, and again you have confirmed
I made the correct choice years ago when I selected your software to integrate into my application."


"Thank you very much for your help Subhash!
Version 15 of the native 64 bit library is performing as well as the previous version we were using.
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your responsiveness. You are a pleasure to work with."

Curtis Boyden, Application Architect
iMarc Inc. - E-Closing

"I really did not expect a solution that fast. Our customers will be so happy. Thank you very much."

Martin Jehle, Software-Engineer
ines GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Str. 172, 78467 Konstanz, Deutschland

"Thank you so much. You are as responsive as ever. Your efforts are appreciated immensely.
We live (and code) in an imperfect world. We've been using the tool for over a decade and every challenge we've faced over the years which we couldn't meet on our own was met with Sub Systems embellishments to the product. It doesn't get any better than that. "
The support you deliver is more than I'd ever anticipate. If only all our vendors responded as you do!

David Greene, President
Productive Solutions, LLC

"Once again it is a pleasure for me to report my best experiences with TE Edit Control. For 6 years we have relied on that marvelous tool. As we use Tern RTF control for scientific documentation and annotation of very important (and therefore very expensive) data, you need a documentation tool which is more than reliable. Especially in scientific documentation "normal" text controls are often nothing else but useless. One example may be allowed: With Tern Control we succeeded in adding images of mol-formatted chemical formulas, which may be edited through a double click at any time. Cross-referencing that graphical data to our molecular genetical database was easily done. The perfect programming interface implemented in the Tern RTF control made that way of scientific data annotation possible to us at minimum efforts for implementation in our software development.
All in all: neither the support nor the power of the control ever disappointed us. On the contrary, our expectations were exceeded! If you read the testimonials on this site, a perfect support is often reported. This should not imply the impression, that the control needs support. Our reason to contact the support (if we ever needed - because the documentation is excellent) was: as the programming interface of that tool offers enormous possibilities, extended ideas of what you like to implement further more come up automatically. The support at Sub Systems is so sophisticated and so engaged in feature-developing their tool, they make real that would otherwise be deemed impossible. A company philosophy and work ethic, a software developer can only dream of (regarding to other companies doing "tool development", too). Therefore we are looking forward to each new release and are always impressed what's additionally possible. This tool is worth each cent."

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kauer
Holding a chair for Bioinformatics
at the University of Applied Sciences, Emden

" ...Thank you very much! That seems to work perfectly. I don’t know which other company would respond this quickly to a bug report... "

Jerry Goldin
Senior Computer Scientist & Chief Software Architect
Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. (PAR)

Your control is fabulous and support is great too. "

Dr. Martin Fine

I appreciate your help and attention to my problems.. This is probably why I have used your Tern control since 2000! "

Eric Gilbert
Black, Mann & Graham, L.L.P.

" We considered a few different options when looking into getting a text control package and ended up going with yours. We could not be happier with our decision. The impressive functionality of your control and the rich API support is really not available elsewhere. We have also been very impressed with your support. We had to go with another company for a component you don't offer and though their website was more flashy, they have consistently let us down. You on the other hand have always been responsive and professional with answering any questions or releasing any fixes. Based on experience, I don't know why anyone would ever choose one of your competitors over you! "

Carl Christensen
Software Developer
Western Standard

" Thanks a ton...I like to think we offer top-notch tech support at our company but yours might just be better! "

Jeff Lutzenberger, PhD
Senior Programmer
Integrated Engineering Software

" Your software is worth each cent. It offers so much functionality and saves therefore an amazing amount of programming efforts. Installation is very simple. To implement the control into existing code is a child's play. It works fine in the transparent mode. The images displayed in frames show perfect brilliance in each zoom with perfectly working "grippers". It is just a pleasure to discover more and more functionality in the clearly written manual of this reliable control. As a scientist with 25 years of programming experience, what impresses me most is how quickly ( often within hours !) and patiently the people at Sub Systems answer questions and help solving "control-beginners-questions". This control is outstanding, and I would unhesitatingly recommend Sub Systems to anyone who is searching for a reliable and stable Rtf Edit Control. "

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kauer
Holding a chair for Bioinformatics
at the University of Applied Sciences, Emden

" ...By the way the TE Edit control is a brilliant product but the support is even better :) "

Paul Brierley
Cowden Limited

"Thank you for outstanding support. I have been in the software business for 17 years and can honestly say that the support which you provide is the best in the business. We strive to be that good ourselves but you actually deliver. Feel free to add our company to the long list of people who appreciate the way you do business. "

Mike Bushell

Really really amazing service, time and time again... "

Nigel Richards

"I must say that your support and fast response to our requests are outstanding. Your high standards for prompt and professional service are admirable.

I am positive we made the right decision, choosing your product.

Ran Apel

"We've been using the TE control for five or six years now and it's been a superb product for us. The response I've always had from you regarding queries has always been superb and very quick. Keep up the excellent work.

Ben Goldsworthy,
TEDDS Product Development Manager

"...thank you very much, I must say that you have the best support in the world!

Pär Burman
Index Braille AB, Sweden

"I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding technical support of the TER control that you've provided over the past year. I've been designing and developing software for more than 20 years and have interacted with scores of third party vendors over that time. Without hesitation, I can state that you have provided the best technical support I have ever experienced.

I checked my records and see that we have exchanged well over 100 emails that spanned our initial evaluation of your product to the ongoing support questions we raised as we integrated it into our product suite. Our questions were consistently answered within hours of sending them. In many cases when we reported bugs, fixes were implemented within days. Your answers have been quick, comprehensive, and professional. It has been a true pleasure in dealing with a company and its staff that understands the value of customer service and is willing to back their products with exceptional support. Thank you!

Meade C. Swenson
InterSpec, Inc.

Thanks so much for the quick replies and the solution... Me and the guys from the office are all very impressed.

Steven Liu
Digital Learning Solutions Ltd, New Zealand

"I just like to say I’m very impressed with your service. It’s unusual these days, THANKS.

Daniel J. Reynolds
High Aspect Development Corporation

"Once again your support is greatly appreciated. You are the only component supplier who gives us as good support as we give our clients. "

Hank Zucker
Creative Research Systems

"Absolutely brilliant. You never cease to amaze me. I have been hunting around for weeks for a Report Creator, and not only is Report Ease nothing short of fantastic, but the email reply is almost instant. Thanks a lot guys. Your product and support is top notch. Keep it up. "

Jacques Steenberg
Regality Systems Support

"After searching for an RTF control which PROPERLY handles complex scripts, Right-To-Left, and Unicode, I finally gave up and spent months building my own from scratch... Then I found TE Edit by Sub Systems. It was well worth scrapping my own project in exchange for TE. A robust, full-featured, extensible control which you can trust me is the ONLY IN THE WORLD which correctly handles Hebrew.
I have yet to find another company which diagnoses, fixes, and releases an update within hours! Their support is not to be matched by ANY I've met. Answers are literally an email away. When your project is mission critical, they are part of your team, professional, courteous, and RELIABLE! "

Naftali Greenwald
Advanced Data Management

"Your RTF control works like no other. I have not found a control other than yours that correctly displays tables. Your product is fantastic and a great value. I highly recommend your product. "

R. Greg Gomm
Information Acquisition Systems Corporation

"Thank you again for all the work debugging this issue -- we really do appreciate it. Feel free to use us as a reference regarding support at Sub Systems. "

Michael Krigsman
Cambridge Publications, Inc.

"Thank you for the fantastic assistance. I appreciate your ongoing patience and the timeliness of your responses. Your TE Edit control is by far the best custom control I have ever implemented. (and I have over 30k invested in 3rd party ActiveX tools) – This control is brilliantly designed, very stable and extremely flexible. "

Jason Burgess
FirmPOS Software

"Your support is absolutely perfect! "

Manfred Kubica
X-Software, Germany

"... Thank you for such a prompt fix. Your product is helping to make us stand head and shoulders above the competition!"

Todd Evans
Pase Software

"I'm working in computer-science field for 10 years. I never saw such a perfect support.... thanks.."

Volker Kammerer

"It’s a pleasure doing business with your company. Quite a change from many of the vendors I deal with."

Greg Lose

"Your tools are wonderful. I simply could not do my work without them. Your constant work to enhance them and expand their functionality ensures their continued currency and utility."

Dan Collins
Mapd, Inc.

" Sub Systems continues to deliver superb products and service!
Very pleased to find a company like yours, there are not many around these days."

John BotibolDirector
Aureole Consultants Ltd, UK

"Thank you for a superbly designed product which is a pleasure to use. I consider myself only a mediocre VB.NET programmer, and for a mediocreprogrammer to 'latch on' immediately to a new component (AND get itworking on day 1) , says something about TE-EDIT."

Brian Jonker
Maskew Miller longman PL, South Africa

"I have to say that the quality and speed of your technical support is fantastic!"

Barry Everett
POZ Consultancy Ltd.

"Big THX for your great support!!!!
And now it is time to go home and sleep :-) "

Michael Schmitt
Vogt Wirtschaftsdienstleistungs GmbH

Thank you so much for the help you have been giving me. We are really happy with your product, so far it is the best on the market in my opinion. "

David M. Pierce
Healthcare Technologies, Inc., USA

"We needed a high performance, small size RTF library for our custom Internet ActiveX components. We chose Subsystems as the base for the controls, and asked them to make substantial custom modifications on a very tight schedule. I was delighted with the superb quality, plus the fact that they accommodated mid-project changes while keeping to the overall schedule.

I'm very happy with the product features, product support, and custom modifications. In a large world of ISV's, Sub Systems stands out! "

Dennis Patterson
PrintQuick, USA

"You’ve delivered AMAZING support to help us implement your control. I do not believe it’s possible to be disappointed with purchasing the TE Edit control. You’ve restored my faith in 3rd party software support! "

Luke Petrovics
Alliance Business Systems, Australia

"You’ve delivered AMAZING support to help us implement your control. I do not believe it’s possible to be disappointed with purchasing the TE Edit control. You’ve restored my faith in 3rd party software support! "

Luke Petrovics
Alliance Business Systems, Australia

"Congratulations, TE Control is fantastic!"

Mediatec Informatica Srl,

"I don't know where you come from, or where you got your training, but you redefine customer service. I think I'd buy your product just to ask questions and see you respond. It's a new experience. Another thing, your help file is very good..."

Dan Noorlander

"I purchased. I love it. I've already replaced my richedit controls. If I can do this, anyone can. What a great product!"

Dan Noorlander

"Great product. I couldn't ask for more. I give it an A++ hands down. I'm thrilled with the purchase and I'd recommend it to anybody in a heartbeat."

Chris Malcheski
Dakota Ridge Software, Inc.

"Your company is definitely customer oriented and I would and will recommend this product to my other colleagues as well. I wish all tool vendors had your approach to customer support and satisfaction. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship."

Brett Venson
InfoSoft Computing, Inc.

"Your tool works like a champ. Your support is terriffic. I will certainly recommend your product!!!"

Gordon Skelton,Vice President for IS
Mississippi Valley Title Insurance Company

"TE control rules!
Thanks to TE control it took me less than a week to wrap everything up.Thanks again for an excellent product."

Jean-Paul Stotijn
TAC Technisch Advies Centrum, brandveiligheid

"Congratulations on an excellent product, I think any user of other RTF Controls who requires effective WP facilities and mail merging would be wise to consider changing, TE is far far better and very easy to integrate."

John Botibol
Aureole Consultants Ltd, UK

"Thanks for writing Ter! It's a great tool for our needs and I enjoy workingwith it."

Robert Condon
Capital Title Agency, Inc.

"You guys have the best support I ever have come across with!"

Hakan Yngvik
Patrix AB

"Just to let you know that you have a superb technical support!"

Paolo Mugnaini
SmartLite Software, Italy

"I really want to thank you for the great support you gave us. Something,that we really don't get from many other tool suppliers."

Harald Feigel
Fujinon (Europe) GmbH, Germany

"Sub Systems, Inc. has had and continues to provide the best service inthe industry!"

Robert J. Traister, President
Traister & Associates, USA

"Wow! I'm really impressed. Not only do you have a product that is inmy opinion superior to your competitors - and I am talking from experience - but the support you give to the product is also second to none.Outstanding, keep it up."

Edward Rothwell
Hale Consultants, United Kingdom

"Thank you very much...you responded very quickly. Your productis truly professional and has provided the functionality that I needed."

John A. Halloran
Halloran Software, USA

"I wish you guys wrote more controls. If more 3rd party control companieshad the quality and the support Sub Systems offers it would sure make my jobeasier."

Troy Pohlman
LifeLink Corporation, USA

"I just love TE Control. Within a day and half, I got TE control integrated into a thirdparty class library with very little effort, and great help from a super support group!"

Edward Earl Brown
Elegant Software Producers, USA

"Thanks very much for your help in resolving this matter in sucha timely manner. It is really good to know in this day and age that I haveat least one product with such excellent technical support. Your technicalexpertise in this product is very evident! "

Vaughan Daniel
Wise Solutions, USA

"All I can do so far is to thank you very very much for your efforts and the prompt answers, fixes and incorporating new functionality. It makes fun to work with you and your tool this way. (It would be a good advice to a lot of other add-on/tools vendors to take care of their users as you do.)"

Raimund Lederer
Software-Entwicklung Lederer, GERMANY

"Thank you very much...that is what I call excellent technicalsupport."

John Chin-A-Woeng
Bureau Interactive Training, Holland

"I can tell you that your responsiveness in answering questions was a major factor in our decision to purchase over $1000.00 of your products. I have to do Tech support email as well and I know that it's a pain, but you do a wonderful job and it says a great deal about your company. "

Jay Ashbridge

"Thanks for your help. I wish all vendors were as customer-oriented as you."

Bob Sheehan
EZ-Filing,Inc., USA

"Thanks, that solved my problem. I wish that all companies tech support were as helpful and fast as you are."

Ville Krumlinde
Eldean, Sweden

"Again, I would like to thank you for your prompt responses. In an industry where answers usually take days if not weeks, it has really been a pleasure dealing with you."

Carlos Mainemer
Biscom Inc., USA

"There are a handful of rich text format controls, and we've inspected them all. Each is fairly good at implementing its particular subset of the RTF specs. But it is only TE Edit Control that implements nearly the entire specs--from table header row, to section breaks, to footnote/endnotes, to printer bins, etc. With such capability, you'll find it a little difficult to use, but the support is wonderful, and the TE team is there to help you with each and every question.
In short, TE is unsurpassed and we can highly recommend it to other developers."

Vann Joe Turner
Emmaus, USA

"I am VERY, VERY impressed with your quick response on getting me the newfix just as you have in the past. Thanks for the quick turnaround on myproblems..."

Gene Santomartino
SET, Inc., USA

"It is refreshing to get this level of support - both the immediacy of reply, and also the technical depth.
Once again - thanks for the excellent support!"

Russell Honnor
Datasure Management Systems, Ltd.

"Thanks again for all your help. This worked perfectly (like your othersuggestions). It has been a pleasure to work with your company and its products."

Tony Ferrante
BSI Consulting, Dallas

"Thanks for your quick response. Your tech support is one of the bestin the industry..."

Gene Santomartino
SET, Inc., USA

"I know I don't always thank you for all your help, that is because I really don't want to takeaway any more of your time. I would like you to know that I greatly appreciate your help withall my issues. You have been truly wonderful with support of your product.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!"

Diana Bokser
Standard And Poors, USA

"TE Edit Control is a very nice piece of work! It is going to allow usto add a great deal of functionality to our app."

John Mancini
Best Case Solutions, Inc., USA

"From what I hear from our development staff, working with you is like havinga high integrity, very intelligent, and incredibly responsive team workingright at our elbows. If everyone on the planet approached work like you,hunger, cancer, and other woes would be things of the past. You guys rock! "

T. Mack Brown
Brown Stone Research Group, USA

"Thanks, for the quick response...we've only used your product for alittle while but I must compliment your quick response and helpfulness.It has been a much more pleasant experience than we have had with othertext control vendors."

Michael Ledet
Edata.com, USA

"...The testimonials on your website werequite correct - your company does provide extraordinary tech support!"

Gordon Kramer
John Paradiso & Associates, USA

"I use (and love) your TE Edit Control - version 7.0...it's relief to find authors of quality software."

Steve Wright
Globe Software Pty Ltd, Australia

"Let me join in those testimonials on your web site. You surely do not quit. And, thankfully, so. ...Thank you so much for your persistence in help me."

Larry Cohen

"Thanks for how quickly you guys respond with fixes and how willing you areto make modifications. We've never worked with a control vendor under sucha great relationship. You guys were definitely the right choice!"

Derek Mooney
Brown Stone Research Group, USA

"You are truly amazing; we are very impressed with your quick responseto our problems. Thanks yet again."

Tim Williams
NYS Education Department, USA

"Your support is the best I have ever seen!!!!"

Curt Safranek
Tomato Technologies, Inc.

"Thanks for the excellent support. I have successfully extendedour report capabilities with all the requirements met, in just over a week."

Brian Poe
Disasu Software, USA

"For the record, most software houses of any longevity are now doing everything possible to distance themselves from direct communicationwith their customers. Five years ago, a programmer experiencing a problem with programmer-based software could usually contact the company by telephone, ask a question and get an answer. Later,these lines of communication involved 900 numbers, wherein the programmer paid for assistance. Today, many of these 900 servicesare no longer available, and the programmers are expected to signagreements for limited 'event' assistance. These services usuallystart around $1,800.00. Few of the larger companies even offer assistance for their programmer customers when the problem lies with bugs in the purchased software.

The complete opposite is true of Sub Systems, Inc. Your companycontinues to maintain the best software support in the industry.Assistance is often immediate or my telephone call is returned within the hour. The assistance is professional, friendly andappears to be gladly given. Without a doubt, Sub Systems, Inc.values its customers and demonstrates this with truly spectacularsupport. As a 5-year customer of your products, I could not be more satisfied."

Robert J. Traister, President
Traister & Associates, USA