New Version 26!

HTML Add-on for TE Edit Controlfor NET, WinForm, ASP .NET Framework, .NET Core, C#, Win32, Win64, ActiveX, ASP, Visual Basic, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT, VB6, MFC, Delphi, Powerbuilder, Foxpro

The HTML Add-on control offers a most cost effective method of incorporating an HTML viewer/editor. This product is an add-on to TE Editor Control. This product adds HTML import and export features to TE Editor Control


The HTML text in the control can be printed to the current printer using the TER API function. The user can print the selected text or the entire file.

Interface with TE Edit Control The HTML Add-on parses the HTML text and transmits it to the TE edit control. The TE edit control is responsible for text scrolling, printing, clipboard copying and handling the mouse clicks. When the user clicks on a hypertext region, the edit control sends the message to the HTML Add-on DLL to process the message. The HTML Add-on handles the local hyperlink jump internally without involving your application. The external hyperlink jump is conveyed to your application. Your application locates the new HTML file and uses the HTML Add-on API calls to load the new file into the viewer window.

As the HTML Add-on control needs TE Developer’s Kit to function, you also need to purchase a copy of TE Edit Control. Please refer to the TE Developer’s Kit brochure for the detailed information about TE edit control.


Please click here for a list of API calls available directly through the HTML Add-on DLL.

Source Code

The source code is compatible with the Microsoft C/C++ compilers. The .NET version is written using the managed C# code.

New Features in Version 26
  • Improved handling of page footer.
  • Support for floating picture.
  • Improved CSS support.
  • Improved line spacing.
  • Improved support for right-to-left text.
  • Support for clipped picture export.
  • Support for Outlook compatible support.
  • Support for double-line paragraph border.
  • Improved table support.
  • Compatible with TE Edit Control, version 31.
  • Bug fixes and other enhancements.


" I appreciate your help and attention to my problems..

This is probably why I have used your Tern control since 2000! "

Eric Gilbert
Black, Mann & Graham, L.L.P.

" We considered a few different options when looking into getting a text control package and ended up going with yours. We could not be happier with our decision. The impressive functionality of your control and the rich API support is really not available elsewhere. We have also been very impressed with your support. We had to go with another company for a component you don't offer and though their website was more flashy, they have consistently let us down. You on the other hand have always been responsive and professional with answering any questions or releasing any fixes. Based on experience, I don't know why anyone would ever choose one of your competitors over you! "

Carl Christensen
Software Developer ,Western Standard

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Desktop Development Licenses

The Desktop Developer License allows you to develop and deploy desktop (non-Internet) applications using this product. Each desktop license allows one developer to use this product on up to two development computers. A developer must purchase additional licenses to use the product on more than two development computers. The Desktop Developer license is not valid for server deployment.

Server Licenses

The Server License allows you to develop and deploy Internet and server hosted applications using this product.

*30 day money back guarantee.


HTML Add-on for .NET Framework, C#/WinForm/ASP.NET, 32/64 Bit Eval (ZIP FILE)

HTML Add-on for .NET Core, C#/WinForm, 32/64 Bit Eval (ZIP FILE)

HTML Add-on for Win32 DLL/ActiveX/MFC/C/C++/ASP (ZIP FILE)

HTML Add-on for Win64 C/C++/MFC SDK (ZIP FILE)

Component Installation and Usage Notes:

Since our components are targeted toward software developers, the installation is simple. Our component software is delivered in a zip file. To install, simply copy the content of the zip folder to an empty folder in your computer and then follow the instruction for the product usage.

Our software does not install itself, so you can be rest assured that your system is not affected by an automatic installation process.

Please click here to view the license agreement for TE Edit Control. The license agreements for the other products are found on their respective page.

To Uninstall, simply delete all product files from the installation folder or any other folder where you might have copied the product files. For example, if you copied the content of the installation zip folder to a folder called c:\MyFolder, then select the contents of the MyFolder folder, and delete all files. If you have copied the DLLs to your project folder, then delete those DLL files as well.

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