Support Options

We offer three types of support options.

Standard Support

Standard support is free of cost, and it offers a 24-hour response time. Standard support includes help with using the product APIs. It also includes minor bug fixes and minor feature enhancement at Sub Systems' discretion. Such patches are available for the most recent version of the products only. Standard support is available for one year from the date of purchase of the original or upgrade product.

Priority Support

The priority support package offers the following:

  • Four hours response time for help using API or understanding product concepts.
  • Resolution of minor bug fixes on priority basis.

Priority support is available in 5 hour or 10 hour blocks of time. When you purchase this support plan, you are allocated a 5 or 10 hour block of support time. As we provide support, we charge the time to your allotment in 15 minute blocks. We inform you when your allotment is used up. You may renew your support plan as many times as you wish.

Priority support can be shared among one or more developers within the same organization. One plan can be used for all our products.

The Priority Support hours are available for two months since the purchase date. Any unused hours expire after two months.

Priority Support Package, 10 Hours: $2349.00
Priority Support Package, 5 Hours: $1315.00
Priority Support 1 Hour: $319.00
Custom programming

We offer custom programming related to modifications to our products. The following options can be used to make a payment for custom programming.

For example, if we quoted you 2 1/2 days for your custom project, you would purchase quantity 2 of the item 'Custom programming - 1 day', and quantity 4 of the item 'Custom programming - 1 hour'.

Custom Programming - 1 day: $2599.00
Custom Programming - 1 hour: $319.00
Custom payment

Please use the following options to make payment for special items which are not available on our website:

Custom Payment: $129.00
Custom Payment: $9.00