RTF to PDF Converter and RTF Control Software | FAQ


QDo TE Edit Control and other controls work with Visual Basic and Delphi?

Yes. TE and other products include ActiveX control which can be simply dropped into your Visual Basic or Delphi form. The product also includes function/constant declaration files and sample programs in Visual Basic and Delphi.

QHow does TE Edit Control interface with an MFC application?

TE includes two classes to interface with an MFC application. The edit class allows you to drop TE as a control in a parent window. The view class allows you to use TE in a document/view architecture.

QDo you offer evaluation copies?

Yes, you can download full functionality evaluation copies from the product pages. We will be glad to help you with any help you might need in getting started with the product.

QWhat is 'limited' in 'Limited 30 Day Warrantee'?

Our product warrantee allows you to try out the product within yourapplication. You get access to the DLL, ActiveX control, header files andsample files - everything to try out the product completely withinyour application. The warranty is not available for source code purchase.

QDo you offer free technical support?

Yes. We offer free standard unlimited technical support for one year after the purchase date.You can contact us via email, telephone or fax. Please refer to our support page for the description of our extended and priority support options.

QHow do I get additional information before purchasing the product?

Please contact us via email, telephone or fax and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

QHow is documentation delivered while receiving the product electronically?

The product email upload contains either a help file or a manual in MS Word format.

QHow often are the major versions released?

The major versions of TE and most other products are released every 12 to 18 months. We notify you when a major release comes out.

QHow often are the bug-fix versions released?

'bug-fix'? We absolutely, positively don't have any bugs in our software... just kidding!
We try to fix most problems right-away so you don't have to wait for a major release.


The DESKTOP LICENSE allows for the desktop application development. Your desktop application using our controls can be distributed royalty-free. Each desktop license allows one developer to use the product on up to two development computers. A developer must purchase additional licenses to use the product on more than two development computers.


The SERVER LICENSE allows for the server application development. The server licenses must be purchased separately when using this product in a server application. Additionally, the product is licensed per developer basis. Only an UNLIMITED SERVER LICENSE allows for royalty-free distribution of your server applications using this product.


The ENTERPRISE LICENSE allows for unlimited DESKTOP and SERVER use. The large corporations with revenue more than $500 million and large government entities must purchase an Enterprise License. Please contact us at info@subsystems.com for a quote for an Enterprise License.

The controls access our website to enforce the 'limited server' licenses. No access is needed for the Unlimited and Enterprise licenses