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About Us

Sub Systems has been in the business of providing fine software components since its inception in 1986. We are located at the rim of the research boulevard in Austin, Texas.

We offer high quality, robust and feature-packed software controls. In the late eighties, we released our first product, the text editing kit for DOS. TE Developer's Kit was released in 1990 for the Windows platform and was the first text edit control available for Windows. We also released the first spell checker library for the Windows environment in 1991. HTML add-on was released in 1995 before the web exploded into popularity.

We take pride in providing you with timely technical support. Any minor problems that you might encounter while using the product are fixed right away. With us you don't have to wait for the 'next' release to have minor fixes and modification. Your feedback is most important in helping us provide you with the best possible product.