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4 huge benefits of converting .DOCX format into PDF format

If you look around the world, you will hardly find any computer-based user not using Portable Document Format (PDF) file. Nowadays, many companies and businesses rely on PDF format for their modern-day operations, such as invoicing clients, maintaining customer records in a consistent format, or sending important memos, with the assurance that the person viewing the PDF file will see it as it was intended to be. Moreover, PDF file formats are easier to store on company storage due to their capacity of occupying less space. It is portable and can be conveniently integrated into any application software, operating system, and hardware.

Over the years, PDF file formats have grown into one of the most extensively used document formats in the world. The PDF file format has many advantages over other standard file formats such as .DOCX and .PPTX. Here in this blog, we will discuss why it is better to use DOCX to PDF Converter to convert your .DOCX files into PDF. Read to know the advantages of PDF format over .DOCX format.

  1. Secure Data Storage

    PDF files are easy to secure with a password, compared to DOCX files that don't give you such security options. With a PDF file format, you can keep your vital data safe from persons who are not authorized to see it. Since the level of encryption provided to your PDF data is so high, you don't need to worry about losing your data to any third party. No virus or malware can breach the safety of the content in your document.

  2. Version Independence

    Remember those times when receiving a .DOCX or .PPTX file from someone gave you a lot of stress? You must have realized later about the incompatibility of the software installed on your computer because of a version difference that made you incapable of viewing the file. But with the invention of PDF file format, you don’t have to worry about all these little things. PDF files are universally compatible, which means you can open any PDF file in any PDF reader with ease without having to consider their version numbers or other properties. You can even merge or combine PDF files conveniently and share them electronically with anyone you want.

  3. Versatility

    The PDF file format is a very practical and beneficial format that welcomes all kinds of content with equal love and affection. This format cleverly preserves all the visual elements in the PDF format, such as the text, images, graphics, audio, video, etc., created in your MS Word document without losing the original quality. With the PDF format, you can rest easier knowing that your document will be displayed exactly how you laid it out.

  4. Detailed Feedback

    The PDF file format supports annotations. Many different types of annotations are supported by PDF files, such as highlighting text, adding notes, arrows, or any other shapes. Annotations are hugely beneficial when you have complex documents. It allows you to simply share the copy of the PDF file and get incredible feedback from your office colleagues or from anyone to improve the subject of your document.

To Sum Up

In today’s world, the PDF format is considered one of the most commonly used electronic file formats due to the huge number of benefits it comes with. With so many advantages of PDF format over .DOCX format, go ahead and embrace the most versatile, universal, and feature-rich DOCX to PDF converter from Sub Systems.