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Ascertain 4 vital premiums to buy the rich text editor JavaScript

With new technologies emerging in the domain of text editors, nowadays the outdated version of formatting the texts is altered by the highly scalable and user-friendly text editors using JavaScript. Delivering a clean User Interface or UI, these net-based text editors assist to personalize and modify the pre-fixed configuration and structure of contents, along with providing auto-formatting features.

Besides, it supports user-friendly HTML encryption, along with faster installation, endless redo and undo functions, mobile readiness, and vital core plug-ins. One of such optimally effective word processors happens to be the net-based rich text editor JavaScript (RTE) that evolved with Java Script text management and DHTML.

Come let us unearth below the prime mileages gained by using the RTE within JavaScript:

1. Expedited Installation with Endless Redo and Undo and Multilingual Mode

The rich text editor or RTE can be instantly set up with no hassles by applying a high-end encoding function. By applying just 6 lines of encoding in only 5 minutes supported by TinyMCE Cloud, the installed RTE assists to save the valuable time of the end-users, thus enabling quicker productivity with the specified deadlines. Besides, such Rich Text compilers render countless undo and redo functions during the formatting operations, proving to be the best typesetting method.

Moreover, the RTE also supports the users with multi-language mode, whereupon a net set of languages are promptly bestowed to the operations, enabling easier swapping between different lingoes. In addition, this role of RTE actively correlates the control panels, input fields, messages, and labels over the external JavaScript application.

It also supports nested tables, right-to-left texting, and list typesetting, along with the paper size and orientation. Having such discrete support functions, it is as simple as it seems for the operators to convert multiple files all at once, without any hassles. In this context, the end-users can use the click menu for simpler file transfer, while sharing them with the clients ready. Thus, using such economical converting software that is interpretable across several platforms, entailing the major word processing applications, justifies its worth.


2. Highly Effective Full-Screen Editor and All-In Web Page Editing

Likewise, RTE also brings forth full-screen editing functions, whereupon the editors and writers can easily browse, check, and modify essential business data, without the requirement to navigate to any new window screen. Besides, these text editors can also easily reframe the particular window dimensions, thus unifying the browsing screen, and clustering different business functions into a single platform. Moreover, using such RTE, the operators can also change the different configurations on the home page, entailing the formatting of the adjustor switch and tick boxes to alter varied texts.

3. Customizable Toolbar with Optimally Adaptable UX and UI

Again, the RTE delivers state-of-the-art layouts that can be all-inclusively merged with the configuration of the in-demand latest user experience (UX), and the user interface (UI). In the process, the Rich Text compilers bring forth enhanced customizations in designs with a user-friendly menu-driven interface for streamlined UX. Such personalization needs lesser modifications, wherein the taskbar can be remodeled by combing relevant usability determinants, concealing and extracting them as required.

4. Essential Core Plug-Ins with Insertion of Tables and Images

Moreover, the editors and writers can utilize their RTE within JavaScript in the basic format, without forking out any excess funds. Thus, the users can use the RTE with fully-featured vital facets of image tools, color picker, print, and paste, save, auto-saves, table, link, lists, spell checker, word count, emoticons, and media.

Again, the operators can include and alter the HTML tables for exhibiting the intersecting tabular data via the RTE. The rich text compiler also assists by controlling the table insertion functions with vital attributes of inserting or deleting rows and columns, rescaling them, or erasing the entire fable. In addition, the writers can also insert images relevant to their contents from a local or server path stipulating the image headings, while consequently associating applicable URLs to the specific images. One can also resize the graphical representations as per the relevancy of the published contents.

To Put It Concisely

With over 36 years of pioneering experience in supplying high-quality software products, while guiding the users with technical support, Sub Systems is the most trusted platform in offering rich text editor JavaScript. Over and above, such RTE can also be synced up with the mobile-centric platform that will offer touch-friendly and faster user experiences with all portable devices of Smartphones and tablets.