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Find uniformity in report structure with our report template design

For any business concern, creating reports is a part and parcel of their corporate pursuits that bring optimal information and a crystal clear picture to both the employees of the company and the potential clients. Innovative report templates aids in heightened effectiveness and repeatability, whereby they can optimally save the money and time of the corporate projects.

This directly helps the writers to address other operational responsibilities like providing relevant and enriched content. Tailor-made template layouts can bring much-needed cost-effective techniques in assimilating the report writing jobs more effectively. One of such streamlined report template design can be found with ReportEase software offered by Sub Systems for sustaining optimal levels of business functions.

What are the Intrinsic Upsides of Initiating the Functions of Report Templates?

Augmented Cost-Effectiveness

The determinant of cost-effectiveness for any corporate concern is the most vital consideration, in which case the uniquely designed report templates aids in mitigating the value and time for the end-users in submitting their project reports. Obtaining such ease of time and cost, the workforce can give their focus on achieving other operational assignments.

Streamlines the Process to Create Reports

Using the preset or tailor-made fonts and colors, the template designs for creating optimal business reports aid in effective readjustment of the reports as stipulated by the clients, and according to the distinct needs of the business projects. Herein, with such optimal template designs, the generated reports can optimize themselves, leaving the writers to be engaged with the content development part of the created reports.

Brings In Increased Dependability

Moreover, through such unique harmonious designs of the report templates, the employees can easily identify the cardinal facets of the reports to be created, thenceforth offering the most effective version of the reports to have a positive impact on the prospective clients.


What are the Cardinal Attributes of REPORTEASE PLUS Offered by Sub Systems?

The exclusive software of ReportEase Plus usually consists of two vital elements, the first of which is the report designer that aids to offer distinct custom designs for the project reports. While the second is the report executor assisting in the printing facilities of the reports using a pre-specified template design. This unique software particularly does not require any authorizations from the reporting program suppliers for sending the reports to any number of users. With easy-to-use support features to generate optimal reports, this software helps the end-users to achieve highly effective performances during the report creation process.

Some Unique Determinants of REPORTEASE PLUS

Several Distinct Data Files

This unique report template software generally comprises 9 sort-break parts that show a series of data or sorting fields. One can specify the report and page header and footer divisions separately, along with the minimum, maximum, average, and count fields. Besides, the program does not limit the number of data files to be used in providing relevant business information. Thus, with distinct designs of report templates, the report devisors can conveniently identify the particular standard range of printing the project reports. The report planner can also find effective assistance from the template designs in devising the numeric, text, logical, and data type fields, some of which are mentioned underneath.


Data Field – consists of different types of fields including text, numeric, date, logical, and dynamic picture fields, linked to a specific data record.

Formula Field – It comprises distinct absolutes, operator functions, and other assisting nested formula computation fields.

Print View Mode - this field refers to a similar type of editing feature, which is also known as WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get).

System Field – this feature entails the page count, and number, along with the existing report date and record number.

Dialog Field – It consists of the record distinguishing variables for effective induction in the report generating process, wherein particular data can be inserted in the report header section.

Choices in Configuring Characters

The report designer can also bring in distinct custom fonts and colors in the process of report generation, wherein as the project needs, such options can be amended from time to time.

Ingrained Images

Herein, the report creators can import a pixel-map for a dynamic thumbnail from the pre-set images in the clipboard that can be embedded in any particular position of the generated report.

Functionalities of Printing

Just like the methods of importing and embedding images, the printout functionalities also act in a similar line.

Final Verdict

Keeping in mind such prime features and upsides of a custom report template design, the business concerns should implement such innovative software from Sub Systems to deliver the optimized reports to satisfy the clients.