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RTF to Image Converter: Your complete guide to buying the best converting tool

RTF or Rich Text Format is a document file that supports several text formatting options. It allows you to write a text file, save it on one operating system, and then have the option of opening it on another system. The best feature of the RTF format is that it is readable by most word processors, but you cannot add images or objects – the file only supports text formats. Also, the RTF format is much more beneficial and functional than WordPad, but not more than Microsoft Word or any other similar program.

While there are many benefits of using the RTF format, but one of the major disadvantages of using this format is that it can’t contain or format any data, images, and diagrams other than texts. So, if the file is in a different format, for example, image format, you will need the RTF to image converter in order to format the images. The need to convert RTF files to image format emerges in various situations while accessing a document file. Well, the conversion can take place in a simple and quick manner if you choose a reliable converting tool.

Advantages of using JPEG image format

The reasons to convert an RTF file to an image format vary, but converting the file to a JPEG image format has significant advantages over the others. Here are some of the advantages of JPEG file format:

Why Choose Sub Systems

When it comes to choosing the best RTF converter tool, you will find much software online, but not all of them are worthy of your investment. The reason being, nowadays, a lot of software comes with additional bugs and specific features that you will not like. Instead of converting your RTF file, these tools can create more problems for you.

The best way to find the right software is by checking out the online reviews and testimonials of the previous users. This is where companies like Sub Systems have got the upper hand over the others. It offers a standalone solution for converting the RTF or plain text to any image format of your choice within your application. You will simply need to press a couple of function calls, and the file gets converted easily.

The RTF converter tool from Sub Systems has got many reviews and testimonials from several users to back its claims. It is owned and appreciated by thousands of users throughout the world. Another essential feature of this tool is that it can be used for multiple purposes. Not only RTF, but you can also use it to convert other formats like DOC, DOCX, RVF, and TXT to HTML, PDF, JPG, XLS, TXT, and TIFF. So get the right RTF to image converter tool today to convert your files easily.