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The 4 best benefits to consider for buying the DOCX - RTF Converter

Earlier, most corporate users spend hours drafting, saving, and sending documents, whereupon it triggered a lot of issues, especially when functioning with the most vital and confidential files. On top of that, using word documents was the worst of nightmares, as it carries the infamous macro viruses that can be attached to the files. Thus, regrettably, although Microsoft Word remains highly in-demand software, it is not free from errors.

In such scenarios, with the emergence of new technology, nowadays, most users have prudently chosen to convert their text files into RTF versions, specifically when dealing with vital business documents. This unique DOCX -RTF Converter, offered by Sub Systems uses text-based encryptions helps to effectively constrict the files and comes with increased readability over different platforms. Moreover, it also prevents harmful macros from affecting the formatting functions, and retains the original file format, even after conversion.

Let us go through the distinctive mileages derived from the RTF converter from DOCX files:

1. Delivers Optimal Readability

The RTF formats delivered by the Word to RTF converting software are readable across diverse platforms and applications. Thus, with this exclusive converting software, any core word processing program comes with the user-friendliness to read the RTF. In this context, every email client, desktop database application, and operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and UNIX can easily decipher such RTF file format. Resultantly, this helps to safely convert the specific text documents to RTF, even though the document receiver may not be ready to accept such files. This ensures the users that their dispatched files can be readily opened and read.

2. RTF Is Quite User-Friendly

Irrespective of the type of word processing applications being used, the end-users can find it pretty easy to utilize the RTF file version. Some of the programs that function easily with the RTF are Microsoft Word, AppleWorks, and Corel WordPerfect. In the process, when converting the text file to RTF, the users need to choose Save As under the file menu and thereafter select the RTF option.


With such unique benefits, nowadays, most companies, especially those engaged in the human resource industry request RTF version CVs, because all the applicant’s resumes can be in the identical format. Besides, such RTF-based resumes prove to be worthy, when there can be a large number of applications. Thus, regardless of the software that the applicants are using; there remain no issues in sending the applications in RTF format.

3. RTF Format Never Spread Macros

Regrettably, the macro viruses in the word files pose a potential risk and security threat to different online-based software. Nevertheless, when the end-users intend to use RTF converting software to send only in RTF file formats, they assure of nullifying all harmful macros within the documents send to the email recipients. As RTF never supports macros, hence, it is quite safer to use. Moreover, the users never have to be anxious about the initial formatting styles being lost during dispatching the emails.

4. Prevents Corruption Issues

Yet, another benefit of choosing the RTF over DOCX files comes with its averting any corruption issues during the file conversion. In this context, Word documents come with several hidden characters that can trigger problems, whereupon the users can have to wait much longer to save the file, owing to such errors. However, utilizing the RTF conversion software from the text version, they can easily retain the initial formatting of the documents, and never have any issues in saving the output files.

In Outline

The trustworthy software providers of Sub Systems come with 35-plus years of groundbreaking exposure in offering superior quality software products of DOCX - RTF Converter. This ultramodern converting software substantially reduces the hassles in business applications by delivering increased versatility in functions and mitigating the workflow time and efforts of the employees. Again, with insignificant file size, the RTF files also come with major advantages of simpler uploading and downloading, while saving disk space, and avoiding disk storage issues.