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Are you looking for a software or tool that can convert HTML to RTF with the click of a mouse?

If you are answer is yes, then you have certainly come to the right place. Sub System offers a simple and hassle free method of converting between HTML and RTF formats within your application. They produced highly compatible and robust conversion tool for easy hassle-free conversion.

It does not matter whether you are into technical or non technical domain, using HTML - RTF converter will help you make just one function call to do the conversion, and the best thing is - you don’t need any other external components or tools, or programs to convert hypertext Markup language to RTF.


Convert html from any application, like Windows, iOS, MacoS, Androids. You can be called it a top notch conversion engine to convert html files into RTF format. You can convert it by following only 3 steps: choose the required html file, upload the file and convert it, as simple as that.

Expedited Installation with Endless Redo and Undo and Multilingual Mode

The rich text editor or RTE can be instantly set up with no hassles by applying a high-end encoding function. By applying just 6 lines of encoding in only 5 minutes supported by TinyMCE Cloud, the installed RTE assists to save the valuable time of the end-users, thus enabling quicker productivity with the specified deadlines. Besides, such Rich Text compilers render countless undo and redo functions during the formatting operations, proving to be the best typesetting method.

Moreover, the RTE also supports the users with multi-language mode, whereupon a net set of languages are promptly bestowed to the operations, enabling easier swapping between different lingoes. In addition, this role of RTE actively correlates the control panels, input fields, messages, and labels over the external JavaScript application.

How to convert a HTML file to RTF?

With the help of HTML - RTF converter, you can reduce your time and energy, make your document flawless using HTML – RTF conversion tool or software. Converting HTML to RTF is now easy and convenient.

Let’s see the difference between HTML and RTF

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It has the most prominent key features that create visually engaged web pages. It is also used to create user interfaces for various mobile applications and web applications. Html can pack or load animated images or gifs.

On the other hand, RTF is an abbreviation term used for Rich Text Format. It is a document file developed by Microsoft and mostly interchanges between Microsoft products and other applications. It can be read and written by many word processing formats. The RTF Code can be readable by human eyes.

The thing is RTF cannot pack or load animated images or GIFS. In fact, it cannot load most of the still images. It goes without saying that converting HTML to RTF file is a very convenient and hassle free method for any type of application. No external components required to use this converter.


Finishing Lines

The HTML – RTF converter offered by Sub Systems itself featured into a powerful RTF parser accessed by TE Edit Control Product. It also featured into a vigorous HTML parser accessed by HTML Add-on products. It supports PNG, JPEG, GIF, EMF and WMF picture formats.

Supports text formatting, paragraph formatting, fonts, multiple character styles and colors, table and nested tables, headers/footers, Paper size, orientation and margin space for rtf output and also supports UNICODE. The generated code of html or rtf format can be recovered in a memory buffer or in a disk file.

If you are looking for a dependable conversion tool to help your domestic and commercial day-to-day business need, this HTML – RTF converter produced by Sub Systems could be the best for you.