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The 3 finest privileges of using the Rich Text Edit Control

Over time, with the latest technological advancements, nowadays individual and corporate users can take the advantage of multiple text editors and word processors with discrete formatting styles. One of the most commonly evolved typesetting options is delivered by RTF (Rich Text Formatting), which is easier to use, regardless of the applications utilized by the users such as Corel WordPerfect, AppleWorks, and more.

This formatting style assists the user to customize their fonts and texts inside their web-based files. This rich text editor within JavaScript offers to make changes conveniently through intricate coding procedures of HTML. In this context, Rich Text Edit Control is a robust, feature-enriched, time-tested advanced RTF editor component available for HTML/JavaScript, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Win32, Win64, and Java environments.

Let’s unearth certain prime mileages of using the RTF Editor Component:

1. Universally Interpretable

Rich text format editor or RTF was initiated by Microsoft as an inter-language that is primarily used and commonly interpretable for all types of word processors and programs. With discrete kinds of applications, starting from text-based editors to the processing of emails to desktop databases, the RTF application can be easily applied to all. In this context, the unique perceived benefit of using the RTF is that it functions smoothly on any operating system of Windows, Mac, or UNIX. Moreover, the RTF format offers multi-lingual support, along with labels, messages, buttons, tips, and tools located on the external JavaScript language files, whereupon a new language can be devised in no time.

2. Relatively Smaller File Size

Likewise, the RTF editor component comes with the mileage of occupying an insignificant memory space, as it does not contain any macros or complex formatting attributes. Therefore, RTF justifies being a highly effective and user-friendly application for web-based file transmittals and downloads, along with email-based attachments, as it comes completely enciphered. Additionally, the rich text format editor can assist to save enough space for syncing up vital and intricate documents, even though they may be less space in the hard drive of the operator’s system. Furthermore, the RTF extensions prove to be worthy for desktop publishers, as they do not harbor any malware and viruses.


3. Delivers Enhanced Security with Elemental Formatting Approaches

Regardless of the smart technological innovation in the computing domain, the constant threats of macro viruses and malware are the most common issues faced by scores of users, when utilizing their word files. In this context, all the file extensions with .DOCX or .DOC are commonly prone to e-bugs, and can easily affect the overall computer systems. However, such risks can be effectively neutralized by utilizing the optimally safe RTF editor component, furnishing the secure formatting functions.

Needless to mention, the RTF files and related formats do not support the macros and their allied malware. Thus, such rich text format editors provide a streamlined and safer approach for converting the classified business files, while limiting the editing functionalities according to the specific client needs. There is no need for the users to obtain any additional anti-virus software when using the safe RTF editor. The unique perceived benefit of the RTF editor component is that it comes as highly encrypted, thus furnishing the viability of sending the files to other operators and clients.

Again, the rich text format editors also deliver a user-friendly formatting style that includes the tables and macro-based information, along with paginations, and graphical illustrations. Therefore, such user-friendly formatting applications using different text and font types and font colors can bring forth custom typesetting options. Moreover, such font styles can be synced up with different page layouts of apps like Microsoft Publisher, InDesign, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, and more.

In Outline

Having 36-plus years of unrivaled expertise in supplying robust and feature-packed software components, Sub Systems is the leader in furnishing reliable and viable multifunctional platform of Rich Text Edit Control. Unlike, standard text editors, the RTF Editor Component comes equipped with cross-functional attributes for sharing data more securely that are universally decipherable with enhanced throughput, while saving more time for the end-users.