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The 4 finest advantages of using the Rich Text Editor

Nowadays, with the emergence of several word processors, the operators get the edge with discrete formatting choices. The options of obtaining similar content as the final format are definite ones that existed in all the desktop versions over a long period. Thus, for allowing web users to comprehensively modify the format and style of the specific text, the operators need to have a cutting-edge Rich Text Editor (RTE) within JavaScript. Commonly, the web-based RTE is a regular widget that is enhanced with DHTML and JavaScript formatting attributes.

Let’s go through the key mileages offered by RTE:

1. Full-Screen Editing With Multilingual Support

One of the most prominent features of the RTE is the full-screen editing alternatives, in which case the RTE never has to be opened in a new window. In contrast, it helps to resize the particular desktop or laptop window in a distinct style that is completely befitting to the browsing screen. Moreover, the RTE also offers the mileage of multilingual support, in which case the tooltips, labels, messages, and buttons are configured on the third-party JavaScript language files. In the process, it assists to generate new languages promptly and switching between such languages of the editor in a simplified way. Additionally, RTE also supports well-balanced output XHTML.

2. Cutting-Edge UI and Toolbar Customization

Again, the RTE comes with a highly advanced design and thoroughly fits with the constitution of the futuristic user interface (UI). Negating the requirement of continuous modifications, the editors and writers can conveniently alter and add the relevant texts. In addition, the RTE toolbar can also be easily customized for the operators, signifying the functional attributes and exhibiting full serviceability, and managing the unique type of content created. Needless to mention, the RTE also supports adjusting the toolbar by validating the key functions, concealing them, and also eliminating them from the menu.

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3. Supports HTML Code Indention and Full Web Page Editing

Moreover, the RTE also delivers full support to the HTML code indentation and tags, while displaying compatible indented codes inside the HTML functionality, and following the HTML tags, transforming them to lowercase. Such arrangement of code indentation proves to be extremely helpful for the advanced operators performing different word formatting. Another, benefit furnished by the RTE comes with its all-inclusive web page editing assistance. This exclusive software allows the entire HTML page that comprises a title, and the document type, whereupon the operators help to instill the form elements including the button, tick box, and specific text area. The end-users can easily modify the distinct features of the web pages.

4. Insert Images and Tables

Furthermore, using RTE corporate and private users can easily embed and modify the HTML tables for displaying the interconnecting graphical data. Likewise, RTE also helps to insert or extract rows and columns, along with removing or resizing them from the table functions. In this context, the operators can also associate images to their respective texts from a directory or local path, specifying the image subtitles, and thus linking the particular URLs to the relevant images.

Again with the help of RTE, the end-users can embed and alter HTML tables for exhibiting the intersecting graphical information. Alongside this, it aids in adding or removing rows and columns, rescaling, or eliminating them from the table. Moreover, individuals can also link images to their relevant texts from a local or directory path referring to image captions, thereafter connecting specific URLs to the related images.

In Essence

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