TE Edit Control

New Version 26!

Rich Text Editor Component DLL for NET, WinForm, ASP .NET, C#, Win32, Win64, ActiveX, Jave, Applet, ASP, Visual Basic, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT, VB6, MFC, Delphi, Powerbuilder, Foxpro

TE Edit Control is the most effective method of incorporating text editing features into your application. The Win32,.NET and Java versions of the products can also be purchased with complete source code of the editor and its library routines. TE Developer's Kit can save you hundreds of hours of programming time. The product is royalty free for distribution.

TE text editor is a full functionality editor library which includes the following features:

  • Multiple Fonts and Point sizes: The word processor can use all available typefaces in different sizes within one document. Supported character styles include bold, italic, underline, double-underline, superscript, subscript, strike-through, hidden, protected, boxed, etc.
  • Embedded and Linked Pictures: You can import a picture bitmap from a disk file or from the clipboard. The picture can be inserted anywhere in the text. The embedded picture is stored with the text in the output file or buffer.
  • Print View Mode to facilitate WYSIWYG editing.
  • Tab Support: Left, right, center, and decimal tab positions.
  • Page header/footer, page break, automatic repagination and page numbering.
  • Support for tables and sub-tables, multiple section and multiple column documents. Page Mode is also available for side-by-side column editing.
  • Support for an unlimited size document. You can open an unlimited number of text windows simultaneously.
  • Use as a Windows Form .NET or Win32/Win64 DLL and ActiveX Component. The package also includes the support for Microsoft's Visual Basic, Visual C++ MFC interface, Borland OWL, PowerBuilder, Progress, Visual FoxPro (32 bit) and Borland Delphi.
  • Clipboard Format Support: Text, Rich Text Format, Bitmap, Windows metafile and Windows enhanced metafile.
  • Text and picture frames: The regular text outside the frame automatically flows around the frame. The frames can be positioned and sized using the mouse.
  • Allows unlimited foreground and background text colors.
  • API Function Set: The API functions include routines to set/retrieve data, to set/retrieve operating variables, and to apply character and paragraph formats under your programs control. Your program can also communicate with the editor using the message communication.
  • Printing without invoking the editing session. Your program specifies the printer device context and the location of the text rectangle. The text output can be directed to the screen, printer, or a metafile.
  • Mail/Merge: The editor allows the user to input the field names during the editing session. The merge API functions can merge field data when printing within your program's control.
  • OLE and Drag/Drop support.
  • Optional Menu, Scroll bars, Ruler, Tool bar and Status ribbon.
  • Print preview with zoom.
  • Named character and paragraph styles.
  • Zooming and background image.
  • Read Only Mode and Hyperlink interface.
  • Full control over the text window style (child/overlapped).
  • Support for line and box drawing.
  • The editor can store the data in one of these formats: Text Format, RTF format, and native format.
  • Optional HTML Add-on Component: This add-on component works with TE Edit Control to edit/display the HTML documents.
  • Optional Spell Checker Add-on: If you need to incorporate a Spell Checker into the text editor, Sub Systems also offers a product called Spell Time.
  • Optional DOC Add-on>: This add-on component allow you to import MSWord DOC format files into TE Edit Control. (not yet available for the Java version)

Visual Basic, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT, VB6, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Visual FoxPro and Borland Builder Users: TE Edit Control for Win32 includes an ActiveX component which can be dropped within an application form. You can then use the control properties to access control data and manipulate basic properties. You can also use a large set of API functions to do just about any text manipulation that the control allows.

Visual C/C++ Users: The product includes two MFC class wrappers: CTerView and CTer. The view class allows you to use this component in a Document/View architecture. The edit class allows you to drop this component within a window or a dialog box.

This product can also be used using direct DLL calls without requiring any MFC system libraries.

TE Edit Control for .NET is a Windows Form Component written using pure managed code in C#.
TE Edit Control for .NET can also be used within a WPF application using WindowsFormHost.

TE Edit Control for Java is a Java component compatible with Java Standard Edition 7.0 or later. The Java component extends the Panel class

ASP.NET Interface:

The Javascript/HTML, Win32, .NET and Java versions of TE Edit Control include a web component which can be dropped into your web application using Visual Studio .NET. So which product should you choose?

TE Edit Control for Javascript/HTML is the only version which is cross-browser. The Javascript/HTML version is designed specially to run within the secure environment of the browser.

The other three versions (Win32, .NET and Java) are Supported on Internet Explorer only. These are not supported on Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome browsers. Further, TE Edit Control for .NET requires that the client machine be set to provide full trust to your site. The Win32 version requires the client browser to support the ActiveX controls. The Java version requires the standard java run-time available for the browser.

The complete DLL source code for the product is available for an additional cost for the Win32, Win64 or .NET versions. The source code for the Win32 product is written using the 'C' language compatible with Microsoft VC++. The source code for the .NET product is written using the C# language managed code.

License description:

License Description:

1. Desktop License: The desktop license for this product is royalty free for distribution. However, royalty-free distribution is not applicable to your large customers with revenue more than $50 million or large government entities. You must purchase an Enterprise license to distribute to such customers.

2. Server License: A server licenses must be purchased separately when using this product in a server application.

3. Enterprise License: The large corporations with revenue more than $50 million and large government entities must purchase an Enterprise License. An Enterprise license is also applicable if any target customer of your product using the Software have revenue more than $500 million. Please contact us at info@subsystems.com for a quote for an Enterprise License.

The target application may not be a stand-alone text editor program.

Version 26.0 of TE Edit Control includes these additional features:
  • Improved support far-east text processing.
  • Improved DOCX import.
  • Improved support for picture cropping.
  • Improved support for text input fields.
  • Improved support for highlight colors.
  • Improved support for international date formats.
  • Support for custom fonts in TE Edit Control for HTML/Javascript.
  • Improved support for shapes.
  • Improved support for right-to-left text.
  • Improved support for complex table structure.
  • Improved support for list formatting.
  • Improved support for text line spacing.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
Version 25.0 of TE Edit Control includes these additional features:
  • Availability of TE Edit Control for HTML/Javascript for a browser independent cloud solution.
  • Improved support for shapes and support for additional shapes.
  • Support for text inside the shapes.
  • Support for the double-strike attribute.
  • Improved support for right-to-left text.
  • Support for Unicode text in footnotes.
  • Improved support for complex table structure.
  • Improved support for list formatting.
  • Improved support for text line spacing.
  • Improved support for text input fields.
  • Support for distribute justified text formatting.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
Version 24.0 of TE Edit Control includes these additional features:
  • Support for Microsoft Speech Recognition.
  • Support for bullet library.
  • Jump to topic from the table-of-content.
  • Support for additional flow chart elements.
  • Improved support for Asian and far-east languages.
  • Improved support for math symbols.
  • Improved table support.
  • Support for custom comment data.
  • Improved support for text inside shapes.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
Version 23.0 of TE Edit Control includes these additional features:
  • Support for text inside the rectangle, ellipse and other shapes.
  • Opacity support for the text-boxes and rectangles.
  • Support for the SEQ labels to generate table-of-figures and other type of table of contents.
  • Support for the right-margin aligned shapes.
  • Support for the Custom page numbering format.
  • Support for the Custom properties in the RTF file
  • Improved Shape Group support
  • Option to maintain list numbering when pasting or inserting another RTF in the current document.
  • Option to automatically show and hide the scrollbars.
  • Improved DOCX import/export.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
Version 22.0 of TE Edit Control includes these additional features:
  • Support for the sequence field which allows for automatic sequence number generation.
  • New method to apply a picture to the data field.
  • Support for embedded documents in the docx files.
  • Improved support for variable-width multi-column sections.
  • Support for adjacent page-number fields.
  • Support for local hyperlinks.
  • Enhancements to the list/bullet feature.
  • Support for style-linked paragraph numbering.
  • Support for additional style attributes.
  • Improved DOCX import/export.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
Version 21.0 of TE Edit Control includes these additional features:
  • Format painter support to paint current formatting to the selected text.
  • Support for even/odd section starting pages.
  • Text highlighting support.
  • Support for extended RTF and DOCX document properties.
  • Support for data-field locking
  • Improved right-to-left text support.
  • Improved frame positioning support
  • Improved DOCX import support.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
Version 20.0 of TE Edit Control includes these additional features:
  • Support to export the document to the DOCX format. (not yet available for the Java version)
  • Gutter margin support.
  • Support for optional right-click context menu.
  • Automatic tagging of text input.
  • Option to start or resume a list upon copy/paste.
  • Unicode file names for input/output and picture functionality.
  • Improved DOCX import support.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
Version 19.0 of TE Edit Control includes these additional features:
  • Support for commenting/annotation.
  • Support for vertically centering of frame objects.
  • Support for placeholder picture for the missing linked images.
  • Support for external resource dll.
  • Support for applying session wide font point-size and style limits.
  • DOCX support enhancement. (not yet available for the Java version)
  • Custom font support.
  • Option to use printer-specific fonts.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
Version 18.0 of TE Edit Control includes these additional features:
  • Support for document sections with variable column width.
  • Support for splitting a table cell vertically.
  • Create the table-of-content using custom styles and field-codes.
  • Unicode support for hyperlink urls.
  • Support for flowing text in-between interconnected text-box objects.
  • Support for applying RTF text to the mail-merge data fields
  • Enhanced shape handling support
  • Support for spooling multiple documents in single print job.
  • Support for the left/right bracket drawing objects.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 17.0:
  • Track-changes enhancement: The track-change feature now supports the changes to paragraph formatting attributes such as justification, paragraph spacing, borders, etc.
  • Support for the selection type input field. This feature allows the user to select from a list of available items
  • Enhanced IME support.
  • Support for unicode field names.
  • Support for multipoint shape objects.
  • Support for importing MSWord DOC format file using one of our new products called DOC Add-on. DOC Add-onmust be purchased separately. (not yet available for the Java version)
  • Support for hiding changes when the track-changes option is enabled.
  • Support for rounded corner rectangle shapes.
  • Support for custom font list.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 16.0:
  • Import of the new MS Word DOCX format files. Now there is no need to save MSWord files into the RTF format to read into TE Edit Control.
  • Track-changes enhancement: The track-change feature now supports the changes to character formatting attributes such as font, font size, character style, text-color, etc.
  • Support for the unicode list text.
  • Support for the double-line-strike text style.
  • The new version includes a number of stylesheet enhancements.
  • Enhanced support for Arabic/Hebrew and Asian languages.
  • Auto-spacing between the paragraphs.
  • Enhancement to the text input field handling.
  • Improved support for the inline images.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 15.0:
  • Support for Even/Odd headers and footers.
  • Autofit table row. You can now create a table with the Autofit attribute which instructs the editor to automatically adjust the table column width as the user enters the text into the table cells.
  • Support for popular Chinese paragraph numbering schemes.
  • Support for placing the text-box anchor within a paragraph facilitating accurate placement of text-boxes anchored within a paragraph.
  • Improved handling of punctuations and mix text in right-to-left text processing.
  • Separation line between columns for the multi-column sections.
  • Alternate methods to access pass-by-reference parameters in scripts.
  • Automatic resize the pictures to fit the containing page, table cell, or a section column.
  • Additional unicode handling functions.
New features added in Version 14.0:
  • Vertical ruler.
  • Tab-type selection on the ruler.
  • Enhancements to the Track-Changes feature. TE now allow you to reject one or all changes done to the document.
  • Arrow line object.
  • Ability to change the combo-box width on the toolbar.
  • Hyphenation support using a third party control.
  • Character scaling: The user can now scale the text horizontally by specifying a scale percentage.
  • Additional editing functions to automatically add new table rows.
  • Menus for the web control: The menu allows the user to access all editing functions when using the control within a web browser.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 13.0:
  • Track Changes: TE now allows for tracking changes by multiple reviewers. You can find and accept individual changes, or all changes.
  • Auto-completion feature: TE now allows your users to type in keywords. TE can then automatically expand the keyword to a specified phrase or word.
  • Page Line Numbering: This feature allow you to display and print line number on the left margin area. The page-line numbering feature is available at the section level.
  • Page background color: This feature allows for setting the page background color at the section level.
  • TIF picture support.
  • Undo of table attributes: In addition to table text modification, you can now undo any modification to the table structure and attributes.
  • Embedded ActiveX Component.
  • Full drag/drop: You can now drag text from TE and drop it in to another application, or drag text from another application and drop it in to TE Control.
  • Support for Dragon Speech Library.
  • Nested shape groups: This feature strengthens the TE's ability to display complex nested shape groups found in MSWord generated documents.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 12.0:
  • PDF export using our WinPDF Converter. TE now includes an automatic interface to WinPDF Control. You would simply use the TE APIs to generate the PDF output for the currently loaded document. The WinPDF converter needs be purchased separately.
  • Vertical Text in Table Cell: You can now set the text to flow top-to-bottom, or bottom-to-top within a table cell.
  • Support for Watermark picture: The watermark picture can be inserted with regular or washed appearance.
  • Page Reference Field: This feature allows you to insert the page number of a referenced bookmark. You can also enable hyperlink to jump to the reference bookmark location.
  • Custom message and string constants: This feature allows you to translate the editor messages into other languages, or to modify the built-in message text.
  • Printer independent word-wrapping and pagination.
  • GIF picture feature is now integrated in the editor dll, and is available without any special licensing.
  • Enhanced list processing: The user can now use the Enter, Del, and Tab keys to create new list item, terminate the current list, or to increase or decrease the list level.
  • Undo and Redo of frame, and drawing objects positioning and resizing operations.
  • Paragraph Border Color.
  • Outline around the selected table cells.
  • The maximum line width increased from 300 to 1000.
  • Additional numbering formats for displaying the lists.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 11.0:
  • Enhanced Input Text fields: The new input text fields can grow dynamically. The field text wraps along with the document text.
  • Enhanced Table Operation Undos: Most table edit operations can now be undone.
  • Table text deletion: The editor now offers an option to delete the content ofthe selected table cell, or to delete the entire cell structure.
  • Print using standard Windows dialog box, or print using the proprietary dialog box.
  • Support for ellipse shape object.
  • Support for shape groups. This allow TE to display more complex MSWord files containing pictures and objects.
  • Multiple page number formats (decimal, Roman or Latin number formats).
  • Display space symbol: Together with the paragraph, cell, and tab symbols, you can now also display the space symbol.
  • Underline color. You can specify the color for the underline bar.
  • Toolbar enhancement: You can now add new icons to the built-in toolbar.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 10.0:
  • Picture cropping - truncate picture or add white space around a picture.
  • Vertical centering and bottom alignment of page text.
  • Drag the cell border to modify the table row height.
  • Undo/redo for spell-checking and search/replace operations.
  • Right-to-left and mix latin/arabic text support.
  • Long file name support for all file access operations.
  • Paragraph border enhancement - support for line between paragraphs.
  • Unlimited levels of undos and redos.
  • Drag and drop of formatted text from MSWord and other applications.
  • Support for hidden paragraphs in list numbering.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 9.0:
  • Vertical text support within a frame or text box (top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top text flow).
  • Intelli-mouse support with bi-directional mouse wheel cursor.
  • Multiple page sizes within a document.
  • Single, double or triple line page borders.
  • Picture offset - allows you to adjust picture position relative to the text baseline.
  • Multiple language text support within a document.
  • Output jpeg and png picture in original format reducing file sizes substantially.
  • Most DLL functions are now also available as ActiveX Component methods.
  • Automatic offset for Equation objects.
  • Support for embedded ActiveX controls.
  • Baseline text alignment within a table cell.
  • Search/replace feature for Unicode text.
  • Bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 8.0:
  • Section and document Endnote support.
  • Table border color.
  • Enhanced paragraph numbering using lists for compatibility with MSWord 2000.
  • Dynamic spelling. This feature requires that SpellTime is also installed.
  • Unicode symbol support for rtf and text import/export.
  • Exact margin support.
  • Support for automatic capitalization and small caps.
  • Variable line spacing.
  • Support for additional fields such as LISTNUM, AUTONUMGL.
  • Support for inserting tables into positionable frames and text boxes.
  • Bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 7.0:
  • Nested table support for compatibility with MSWord 2000.
  • Automatic Table of contents.
  • Date and Time field in various formats.
  • PNG (portable network graphic) picture support.
  • Printing and print-preview with background picture.
  • Variable text offset height from the base-line.
  • Character borders.
  • Bug fixes, etc.
New features added in Version 6.0:
  • First Page header/footers.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Wysiwyg footnote support.
  • Enhanced Metafile picture support.
  • Drag/drop of text and RTF files.
  • Option to print multiple colated or non-colated copies of the document.
  • Embeddable into MS Internet Exploer 4.0.
  • Repeating table headers.
  • Multibyte Character Set support for Far Eastern and Arabic languages.
  • Undo/Redo of paragraph attributes.
  • Optional hyphenation.
  • Picture animation.


'Congratulations on your TE Editor product, it again has come out tops in our exhaustive evaluation of WP products available in the marketplace.'

Rob McGillivray

'Despite the fact that any text editor is a complex and integrated system, the TE is written very clearly and concisely. This product alone has saved me months of work.' .

Ken Kraisler

'...You have an excellent product in the TE Developer Kit, and you back it up with absolutely superb support.' ...

Robert J. Traister

'The technical support for TE was by far the best I have ever had. The tech support person was extremely helpful and knew the product so well I was amazed.'

Ron Helwig

Our rich text editor (RTF) component can be used for these word processing applications: display rich text, edit rich text, insert, merge, or append rich text, mail-merge, modify rich text programmatically, format rich text, table and nested table processing, track changes, generate RTF reports, print RTF text, list processing, newspaper like columnar text processing, wrap rich text around pictures and graphics, convert rich text to pdf using WinPDF add-on, convert rich text to HTML using HTML Add-on, import doc and docx files, support Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, and other languages, cloud based rich text processing for Windows and Mac operating systems, and all popular browsers including Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome and Opera. TE Edit Control can be used with C/C++, C#, Win32, Win64, .NET, Visual Basic, VB6, ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi, Power Builder, Progress, and any environment that can interface with a DLL.

Please click here for a feature-by-feature detailed description.

Here are some of our Customers:
Hewlett Packard Company
Wells Fargo Bank
Standard and Poor's
Bloomberg LP
Epic Systems Corporation
HotDocs Corporation
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
Bridgestone Americas, Inc.
Fujifilm Europe GmbH
CGI Federal
Universal Studios
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Central District of CA
First Bank
Mutaul of Omaha
Vitera Healthcare Solutions
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Documation Software Ltd
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DST Output
Universiy of CT Health Center
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The Wercs
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GET Imaging, Inc
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Advanced Consumer Technologies
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RED Medical Systems GmbH
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